Kelly Wilcher

Kelly is originally from West Haven, Connecticut, she moved down to the sunshine state in 1999 to pursue a career in commercial insurance. She worked for Des Champs and Gregory Insurance for several years. Kelly met her husband in 2000, then got married 2004. They have two beautiful children Sydney and Zachary. Kelly has had a passion for helping people all of her life, with that being said She has worn many hats in the health care industry. She worked as a CNA/Medical Technician for 8 years, Kelly pursued a career in nursing in 2011 at the Breckenridge College in Tampa, and worked at Lakewood Ranch Medical Center.  Kelly loves being PTO president at her sons school and a Soccer coach for I9 Sports. Kelly recently joined The Wilcher Group at  Fine Properties to work along side her husband John Wilcher who has 17 years in the real estate business.  Kelly is an excellent communicator and has superior  listening skills. She believes in team work, keeping your ethics and loyalty to herself and the client. She believes having a purpose in life drives you to be the best and allows you to work harder then the rest.

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