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Snyder Built Construction

East County resident Troy Snyder, the pop in a mom-and-pop business, admired the Braden River as he drove into the Marshall’s Landing subdivision. However, sitting high in his bulldozer, he quickly set his eyes back to the task at hand — moving concrete blocks that were being used to build homes.

After the property fell into foreclosure, Snyder’s company, Snyder Built Construction Inc., will finish developing it under a new name, Riverside Point. Three homes exist there already and Snyder Built Construction will add another 33, starting with three or four model homes. “We just have to scrape off the grass and get going,” said his wife, Jennifer Snyder. She said the models should be open within four months. A silent financial partner purchased the former Marshall’s Landing site for $3.2 million out of foreclosure in March and went into business with the Snyder’s mom-and-pop company. Construction at Riverside Point started July 7. 

Access to the Braden River will be the community’s main amenity. Each home site will have its own dock. Homes range from 1,800 to 2,700 square feet and will be priced between $400,000 and $560,000, compared to the roughly mid-$500,000 to $800,000 price range when the property was under development in 2012. “There is nothing like it, and it’s perfect for the person who likes the river view but doesn’t want a big boat,” Jennifer Snyder said, noting a bridge at State Road 70 that limits boat size. The project marks Snyder Built Construction’s second project in Manatee County. The company is finishing work on its nearby Fiddler’s Creek community. Snyder Built had been working primarily in Charlotte County, where land prices have been more affordable. The company built on a lot-by-lot basis there until starting its 27-home Fiddler’s Creek project in June 2016. “We live off State Road 70, so I drove by it every day,” Jennifer Snyder said of Marshall’s Landing, adding she thought the original asking price for homes was too steep. “I always thought it would be the perfect place for us.” It appears to be the perfect business for the couple. Troy Snyder earned his contractor’s license in 2004, and when the housing market fell during the recession, his business took off as builders left the market. “We didn’t have any holdings, so we didn’t have anything to lose,” Jennifer Synder said. “We were able to keep our prices down. There were hardly any builders around.” Troy Snyder added: “The recession is what spring-boarded our success.” After the spring board effect, hard work took over. People used to tell Jennifer Synder that her husband needed a hobby because he worked seven days a week. But she would say he does have a hobby. “Big equipment is his hobby,” she said. In his spare time, he watches YouTube videos on heavy machinery. “It’s like when a little kid starts playing with matchbox cars. That’s something that has always fascinated him.” On Troy Snyder’s 44rd birthday in February 2016, he bought himself a new dump truck — something he’d wanted for years. He took his wife to dinner in it. “I didn’t mind,” she said. “I was so happy for him. He said he finally felt like he made it.”

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